Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Will you marry me ?!

Marriage. The very word ignites a feeling of responsibility. A sense of maturity. In India, for men this ‘responsibility’ can be undertaken at the age of 21 or 21+ . For women, at the age of 18 and thereafter. They are then considered mature enough to deal with the traditional institution of marriage. I think it’s a bag of hogwash. How can a girl of 18 age be responsible enough when she is only getting to know life. Yes, a girl is physically mature enough, but mentally ? Leaves a lot to be desired...

At my household, the moment a girl enters the tender age of 18, the talk of marriage arises. The talk of saving enough jewellery NOW, so that your girl has enough to wear on her wedding LATER is a very common thing. But I think its more resident in Keralite Hindu families. I have been hearing about my marriage plans since I turned 18. Nothing pisses me off more, than the idea of my future marriage. Come to think of it, I am not even ready to take good care of myself. I am not yet aware what life means and there is so much to explore. Wont marriage chain me up ? Reduce whatever little freedom I am having right now to grow ?

PS : I would like to deviate from the topic and to my million *ahem* viewers who are interested in new fantabulous sites, heres one -

This site is created by my dear friend Anu and its fantabulous because her first post is dedicated to me where she insists I am a bad girl and since I am the one who keeps listening to all her rubbish.

EXTRA NOTE FOR ANU : Dont worry Anu, no one will visit your site ( in case you dont want anyone to ) coz they will have to SEE this post first which I doubt considering my million viewers will be too busy to come here :p And if you do want people to visit your site, then... hmmm... DONT WORRY.. tera number bhi aayega :)