Thursday, November 03, 2005

This is the new Merc-Benz McLaren. The new love of my life. This 1750 approx. kilo beauty satisfies the fast-car loving types as well as the luxury-car seeking people. It has enough space such that it is said to accomodate two golf bags with ease in its truck and also has an air conditioner which has ice cold cooling facilities ( my mom would love that part ) . And it does not cost much. Just 435,000 dollars which is approximately equal to 2 crore rupees. Not much at all :(

I would love to get it as a birthday gift ( intended to my million viewers ) .. I am not asking for too much , am I ?

Frankly speaking, I am just in love with the look of the car. Sleek and Sexy! But whoever is going to buy it for me, better buy it fast. There are only 500 of them , and 140 of them are for the Americans alone. Well, considering the cost.. a Merc Benz McLaren might be available anyday to buy..