Monday, November 14, 2005

News update

Just posting about the events which I feel strongly about, that are being splashed everywhere in newspapers :

- Khushboo's arrest for discussing about pre-marital sex. She said pre-marital sex is no big deal which caused a tamil women's association to press charges against her and hence the arrest. Its so absurd. She was just giving her opinion about it . There's nothing wrong in that. We Indians are getting hyper for the smallest things including the smoking scenes in films. If the talk and films influence the youngsters, then I must say we have the most stupid population of youngsters from the world. A youngster is not only influenced by what his/her favourite people on tv do. He/she is also influenced by the people in his vicinity. Not all youngsters are die hard fans of movies, but they still end up smoking. So if a ban has to be placed it should be placed on smoking in open areas. Better still, smoking should not be allowed anywhere... Getting back to Khusboo's case, the police should arrest the people who are into pre-marital sex rather than arresting people who comment about it...

Maybe our Indian community expects too much from stars. Khusboo's 'temple' was broken down once people learned she got married to a man who already had a wife. And they would have never guessed a famous personality to say all these things. Moreover, she had a second marriage.. that makes her even more 'sinful'.

- The Volcker case has been going on for some time. It was kind of shocking to know that Natwar Singh and the Indian congress party are said to be involved in the oil-for-food programme and their supposed link ups and friendship with saddam. Natwar singh is saying with full confidence that he has nothing to do with anything in the case. But Volcker has stated otherwise in his report. Whats the outcome of this case, only time can tell ... till then stay entertained with this daily soap opera on ur local news channel ..

-The next one which is even more exciting is the return of abu salem to India with his girlfriend ( now he has claimed Monica Bedi is his second wife ). The forged passports, the underground links.. Monica Bedi sure has proved if she cant provide entertainment on-screen, she can do 'very-well-thank-you' off-screen.