Sunday, November 27, 2005

Anger Control

I have been getting very angry a lot nowadays. Making me feel stressed out and tired. Even the slightest of things make me feel uncomfortably angry. What makes me angry ? Even, I dont know. The incidents which make me angry now wont affect me much later on. It started with the trip to Kodai when I got angry at one of my uncles.

The place that we stayed in Kodai did not include food providing facilities. So we had to get food from outside. After horse-riding, he insisted that we kids ( yeah, kids) have dinner at 6.30! Whoever feels hungry at 6.30 ?!? Not me. Then he said the adults will have their dinner packed up, which will be eaten later on at the place we stay. I got so angry.. I asked him if he would get me dinner if I feel hungry at 10.00 pm. He just smiled and gave some lame excuse. The food getting cold so it is better if we kids eat food at the hotel where the food will be warm and that they are helpless for some reason due to which they are going to bring their food to the hotel. But the adults got the people in the hotel to warm up the food.. I wonder why my mom did not slap me then and there itself. She hates it when I raise my voice at anyone in the family. Lucky day, I guess..

From then on I have been getting angry for the silliest of reasons. I think the weather of Kodai affected my brain *gulp*.. Since I did not have problems when I was a teenager. I think I am showing symptoms of the normal 'teenage behaviour' now.. Some people just grow up late, I guess..