Thursday, October 13, 2005

Hey Kodai !

Went to Kodaikanal for two days. Was not that cold. But it provided a nice and happy atmosphere for me and my family with all of us enjoying as if there's no tomorrow. Here are some of my most memorable moments :

1.' Guna' cave - Its not exactly a cave as such. Then whats there to enjoy you might ask ? The pure adventure of travelling the jungle side which provided a sense of mystique and intrigue to me. Thats what excited me. Felt like as if I was in a Jungle Book and I was the female Mowgli. Ok, getting back to the cave. I mentioned it did not look like a cave like we see in movies and national geographic. It looked more like a deep deeep ( 1000 feet )pit. And one person ( one Kerala MLA's son )also died in there and his body was recovered 500 feet below the cave after many years. This was mentioned on the entrance of the cave and some danger sign was also there. Pretty horrifying to say the least.

2. A fat monkey stole 'bytes' from my cousins Priya and Anju. That was the most hilarious scene of all. Anju just decided its better to give the monkey what he (or she) wants rather than clutching on to the packet.

3. MY FIRST HORSE RIDING EXPERIENCE ! It was simply awesome. I always dreamt of having a horse. So it was more than satisfying just to ride on one. Felt like Jhansi ki Rani and out to fight for justice.

4. Boating experience - went on a two seater peddle boat. Me and Raku were in one boat. We thought everything was going on normal until the mist came in and we could not see anything or anyone near us !!! That was another adventure, trying not to hit other boats. Looks like the mist came just for us.

Then there was the trip to Palani temple where I climbed 675 steps. Me is so proud of meself because me did not faint. Keep it up dhannu ! Was worried my mom would get tired though. Thankfully she did not.

Next we are planning a tour to Bangalore, Mysore etc next year same time. I strongly feel going out to visit places with ur family is an altogether wonderful experience even though you dont get to act crazy like you do when you are with ur friends. But these kind of tours only make you feel more connected with your entire family and make you feel refreshed and oh-so-happy!