Monday, October 03, 2005

God only knows

You do not know what decision to make, which is the right way to go.. who do you turn to ? God. Whenever more than one solution to a problem arises and when I do not know which solution to take, I think praying is a much more better option. Praying always helps, and it is good to know that someone is out there who has the most supreme power who will guide you and ensure you choose the right path. And you are never let down if you pray hard enough and with all your heart.

When you feel everyone is out there just dying to see you having made the wrong decision, you pray and tell God all your feelings, frustrations and hoping everything turns out alright. I, myself, am a very good person and I have never ever prayed for something wrong to happen to anyone. I hope no one does that. But that is not possible I guess. Even if one does, I know God will not answer his/her prayers but instead shake His head at their foolishness. My vision of God is such. Always listening, responding definitely even if sometimes the solutions come late, and forever guiding us towards the right path. I believe in God.

I know it is foolish, but there are times when I feel I am His favourite child who does no harm to anyone, and someone who He likes to play with sometimes.

But the playing is alright, because ultimately He always answers..