Sunday, October 23, 2005

Education or Money ?

During my trip to kodai, since the blasted bus did not have a CD player.. we had to make do with talking. I can say I had one of the most fruitful discussions in the bus with my cousin. I asked him a question 'Is education more important or money ?' and he said education is. I begged to differ. Education is important. But why is it such that a lot of people with good education do not have enough money ? There are a lot of 'brainy' people with a good knowledge in their subject not even getting the opportunity to showcase their talents. Is education enough ?

Definitely not. Then he told me having a good education is not the prime factor. The skills are also very important. He/She should be able to possess the skill which will drive him towards a better future or in other words build his career to get more money. But thats not the point. 'Education with needed skills' provide money. But education alone does not. Whereas if we have money, we can provide ourselves with a good education. Let us not consider the skills part. Thats a different topic altogether. And then again if we can get a good money-oriented job from the good education then blessed we are !

Getting back to the education part, people who do not have enough education are earning a lot in the Gulf. And they have not even earned a major degree specialising in the field they are working in. Whereas in India, the person will not stand a chance to get a job. Even if he does, the money paid would be crap. I am not saying education is not important. It is. It makes understanding one's field in a better way. But its not the be all and end all of everything. You can still get a good job if you are talented enough. I feel education can never ensure good money, but money can always ensure a good education. I am not a totally money oriented person, but I would be bluffing if I say money is not important at all. Even the basic needs of our life come from money. A tube of toothpaste, a toothbrush.. you get if you pay. So whoever feels money is not an issue are lying !