Saturday, October 22, 2005


Have been a bookworm right from birth. Though, I am not getting to read a lot nowadays, there is still the craving to read more. Recently, I borrowed a book from my cousin when I visited her last week. Her house is stacked with books mostly because her husband is a book freak. He has a shelf full of books. I make a pledge not to look at them next time I go there. But that has never been successful. I still keep looking. And I end up borrowing one of them.

In Bahrain, I used to read a lot more because my dad used to buy me books. But in Kerala its not the same. Mom is always on a money saving spree, so I never feel like telling her to buy me anything. Feeling a bit frustrated I subscribed to Reader's digest online because it cost only about 350 rupees for yearly basis. So mom is satisfied and so am I.

Anyway, let's get back to the book I am reading right now. Its called 'Chances' by Jackie Collins. Its extremely fast paced exactly the way I like it. Even if it tends to lot of perversions ( quite a lot actually ) its still enjoyable and the storyline does not drag like a Danielle Steele's. I dont think I will buy any more books of Danielle Steele's. I wonder why she keeps on dragging all her stories. The last book I read of her's is 'Golden memories'.. Oh God ! Dont even ask how it is.... D - R - A - G !!!! I nearly slept reading through half of the book but continued thinking it would get better. Blah ! Big expectations gone right into the dump. Anyway, love stories have never interested me. I usually like the fast paced, adventurous, horror filled, murder mysteries.

No book discussion is complete without Harry Potter. I have all six parts and they are all priceless. I did not want to borrow and read, just for the pure selfish reason that I myself wanted to own all the harry potter series. If Harry Potter was alive, I would have had a severe crush on him surely. It would be heartbreaking if he was going to die in the last book as rumours go. Its amazing to see how old and young people alike adore harry potter. Even my cousin's husband ( the book fan ) borrowed my 'Harry potter and half -blood prince'. He was so ecstatic when he received it from me ... 'wow ! excellent !' are the exact words he said to me. And his daughter - Anju -who never used to glance towards these english books, has become a harry potter fan and is spending much time reading ( not one of her favourite hobbies). Good to know, Harry Potter is making reading a tempting process for youngsters like Anju..