Saturday, September 10, 2005

Wet Wet Wet

It's raining cats and dogs here. Looks incredible. The raindrops on the tips of leaves, the cool atmosphere and the coconut trees swaying to the rhythm of the song I am listening to right now ( yeah, its by wet wet wet) ... would make everyone feel happy as long as they have one hot cup of tea on hand. And in some cases, like mine, even a Reader's Digest would suffice.

I read an article in Reader's digest which was based on anxiety. It was the article for me, because I am quite an anxious person. The article laid an insight into the lives of anxious children, and how they overcame it. The total percentage of girls having anxiety disorders are more than boys. Why ? Coz boys let go of all their frustration and anger more easily than girls who tend to keep their feeling deeply confined within themselves. So what the doctor prescribed ? Writing down your feelings into words .

And I think it does work, putting down what you feel about stuff into words. Once in a while, I come in and write about anything I feel like and it helps. Not necessarily what I am feeling at the moment, but about anything. And then I realize I am worried about lots of things unnecessarily because I have other things to be really happy about. And if things just go wrong, just change your priorities and go in another way. I know its kinda stupid if one is not the 'write down ur feelings into a book' kind of person.

Those kind of people are really lucky. He/She does not need an outlet to express their feelings. But there are some kind of people who cannot necessarily tell everything ( like I cannot dream of talking about all this to my mom.. she wont understand half of what I am saying ) and the people you know cannot tolerate much of this talk. So once in a while you like being yourself, cutting the crap and get to some serious thinking ( which I cannot depend on my college mates ) and here is where I come in.

So if you feel like talking something, but you do not have an audience, then just write it down and read through the content. You will feel as if some light burden has been uplifted from your fragile mind. And you feel more free...!