Friday, September 16, 2005

The Walk Of Life

The day when you are born, you are not even aware of anything around you. Life is so much more carefree, and you have almost everyone to cater to your every need.

But as you grow, you find less and less people giving you the same affection as when you were a kid...and you find that the world does not fulfil your every wish as you hoped it would. You feel a little lonely too..

Then there is always the greed to find something that would make you satisfied both in your profession as well as your personal life. Man is forever searching..

I can say I am in such a phase now. I do not entirely know what Iwant and will be satisfied with life once I know and hence therafter, achieve my goals.

I guess,one can never remain satisfied in his/her early years. A young mind always needs something extra. Even a good job will not do any good. 'I know I am capable of much more' will always linger inside you. The hunger always pushes one forward, to try a little harder. And once you achieve your goals, wow.. I am sure the feeling must be quite something else.

And when you have achieved entire satisfaction.. then there is a much deserved peace. Your responsibilities have become lesser, you have more time in your hands. Then the child within you just re-emerges.
More people have time for you. They cater to your needs again. And of course, then comes the time when you have had enough and decides to leave to a place which is much more predictable.

Comes to a fullcircle - this walk of life.