Thursday, September 29, 2005

View from the back

Before you start getting any dirty ideas, the heading is just a reference to the views that I get by sitting in the back bench of my class. Its only during this sem that I have started to sit there. Well.. what to say ? You get a good view of what your classmates are upto. Lets leave the listening to the teachers part, because I did not listen much to them even when I was sitting in the front bench :)

I was ( as usual ) getting extreeemeely bored with the lectures, and the sheer ignorance of my fellow 'bench' mates, and shifted my attention towards the activities of the class. It gave me the satisfaction to know that there are other students who were just as bored as I was. There were students who were busy having a conversation that were clearly not study-based considering their actions. There were students who were making an attempt to build the perfect paper made rocket. And the poor teacher is just standing there trying desperately to bring forth her point .. and to make her voice audible.

Then there is the liberty of sleeping in class, because it is not exactly good manners to sleep right in front of the teacher's face ( even though I used to do that ). This is the time you feel at home. You can get a bite out of a biscuit sitting in the back bench with the teacher not noticing ( school time memories ) and even get to do some message passing via chits of papers. Will never get these fun filled moments again after college is finished. How fast time flies...