Monday, September 19, 2005

Oooh, baby !

Today, my sis called. She was telling me how Naksha loves doing her homework ! And insists on doing more than is assigned to her! These children nowadays...

I remember when she was a baby, she used to give all these cute expressions, which would not be so funny on an adult.. because those were the kind of expressions an adult would make and you rarely see small kids using them. And she says such stuff, which I have never heard kids of her age say..

I have heard that Mozart's classical music stimulates the neurons in the baby brain and actually helps in mathematical reasoning when the baby grows up. Well, Naksha has not been listening to 'classical' music as such. But I wonder if any kind of music does the same trick. I know its a bit too early to consider Naksha as intelligent. But there are so many instances I feel so. Sometimes, she blabbers as if shes going to deep cosmic thoughts... finding out the reasons for everything, answers to questions she need to know only later on in life.

Maybe I am just over imagining things...

Talking about baby intelligence, I knew a kid ( my tuition sir's daughter) who could say the pythagoras theorem at age 3. And the basic mathematic formulas like (a+b)^2. She was one intelligent little girl! The way she used to move around, and the look she used to give us.. made us all feel like fools. When one of my classmates could not tell sir what is (a+b)^3 he called his daughter and asked her to tell us. She looked at her father as if asking him 'have you gone nuts to ask me such things ?' and without any pause she went on to say it with the most amazing ease. Oh well..