Saturday, September 03, 2005

Curious mind

Was just seeing 'clickonline' on BBC and they suggested a website - The curious mind of mine just wanted to know what the website is all about and hence, immediately after the show was over I went online and typed the URL. Of course, I thought it would be a new experience for me altogether. But when I saw the topics about banshees and ghost cams .. to be totally honest, I was kinda freaked out. And I thought 'what the hell, it can't be that scary'. And I clicked on the 'banshee' media and the first message was so comforting - 'please wait while we wake the dead'.

But that did not make me go away. And the media started. I saw one figure walking on and on. Hey! Thats not so scary after all. But I noticed I had not increased the volume. So, I increased and... well.. the woman who was blabbering had an eerie voice so I just closed the website ! :)

Its so weird.. we do things that we know might freak us out. But something inside us pushes us forward because we are always searching for new, interesting things to amuse us, to entertain us. And in the end, you might even regret that you had done it. For instance, I keep on watching scary movies. After the movie is over, I end up getting nightmares. But once a new horror movie releases, I end up watching it. I am not the one to blame, just my curious mind !


  1. Haha :) That was cutee!

    It's not the same for me though. I somehow never get scared by watching horror movies.. And I dont like it. I have gone to the extent of asking some people about the movie which scared the hell out of them. Watched them. Still, they dont scare me! People around me are like 'OH-MY-GOD'.. and I'm wondering.. 'What's so oh-my-god about it?'

    Am i weird? I dont know.

    Infact, I've even tried to make the surroundings eerie. You know.. Watching the movie LATE at night.. when everybody is sleeping.. With all the lights switched off, curtains drawn. It still doesn't work :(

    Which sucks, trust me.

  2. Dhanya,

    me also went to that site..Thank you for introducing it.


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