Tuesday, August 30, 2005

All that glitters IS gold

Yup.. that's my mom's motto. And she got me one gold ring as a present. Its got nice pink stones on it. My fingers are all decorated with rings now... I look like Bappi Lahiri female version ( hopefully not that bad) . Anyway, I love em all. If it were not for the exams, I would have loved all the extra sweet attention that I was getting. But at the moment its like 'oh! aah! nice... aaaack! got to study'.

I know I sound like some stupid geek.. but I dont know whats happened to me. Feel like studying for a change. Which is good, coz I never feel like studying. And mom even told me I have been studying extra hard, not like the 'real' Dhanya who would laze around even one day before her exams. Oh well... ooops.. aacckkkk .. got to studyyyy!

Till next time.. me signs off!

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