Tuesday, August 30, 2005

All that glitters IS gold

Yup.. that's my mom's motto. And she got me one gold ring as a present. Its got nice pink stones on it. My fingers are all decorated with rings now... I look like Bappi Lahiri female version ( hopefully not that bad) . Anyway, I love em all. If it were not for the exams, I would have loved all the extra sweet attention that I was getting. But at the moment its like 'oh! aah! nice... aaaack! got to study'.

I know I sound like some stupid geek.. but I dont know whats happened to me. Feel like studying for a change. Which is good, coz I never feel like studying. And mom even told me I have been studying extra hard, not like the 'real' Dhanya who would laze around even one day before her exams. Oh well... ooops.. aacckkkk .. got to studyyyy!

Till next time.. me signs off!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Mother-child interactions

Got up and started fixing the walkman I have. Sigh ! Took a cotton bud and started cleaning it up with the cotton dipped in spirit. Not working right ! Anyway, feeling a little cranky at the moment. Afternoon naps always does that to me. Had a discussion with mom regarding a boy who was living in his grandmother's house.

Apparently, this guy was left to stay with his grandmother's place because his parents could not suffer him. "He is that much a nuisance", thats what my mom told me. And then she told the boy's mom was always beaten up by her husband. So I was arguing with her that the reason for the woman to tell his son to live with his grandparents, was that she was afraid he might get beaten up too. If the stupid man can beat up his wife, why not her children ? Then she told me, that the son was against her too.. That was kind of a shocker. I guess it is just a crazy world we live in. You can never figure out who is right and who is wrong...

It was a nice feeling when chechi called up again. She was telling me how Nakshatra has the act of 'fainting' to show chechi that she is feeling very sleepy. Little Nakshu is feeling extremely sad about her school days starting again. I guess that will change, considering the astrologer told my sis that Naksha is going to a scientist and will travel the entire world... Wow ! That surely would be something...

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Better late than never!

Ok, am back... after a really long time. Sorry to neglect you... so much work to do lately.

I viewed a few blogs yesterday, and it was amazing to know how some of my former classmates are doing so well in their respective fields. I just happened to type some names in google.. and presto! I gathered all the info I wanted regarding the person. Internet makes the world so much easier to cover.. and the irony part of it all was that the excellent students of my class have gone on to become majors in maths and physics.. while me - the average student - takes on engineering...

I think I took the whole idea of doing engineering just to satisfy my parents. I mean, in 12th I did not have any idea of what to do... so, hey! if I can take maths and study.. so why not engg ?? I wanted to do something more related to me, like psychology or something.. I have always been fascinated by the idea of understanding a person's natural behaviour, why he does so ? What all aspects lead him to the way he is... has always interested me right from childhood. But when I suggested that to my parents.. well , they had an expression which showed they were clearly disappointed.

No one from my family has got an engineering degree.. well, no one from my mom's side of the family. It was really her wish for me to do some higher level of education superior to the normal degrees. And she was incredibly hurt when my sister did not complete her education let alone satisfy my mom's dream for her to become a doctor. So I guess it was upto me to fulfil her wishes..... Anyway, no regrets whatsoever.... I am happy with my life at the moment. I have met great people, I have become a better person. And like someone said 'All that happens, happens for the best' !