Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Exam Fever

Exams going on. Feeling extremely cranky at the moment. But as I love you ( my online diary), I decided to come online just for you. My dear online diary, you should have seen the amount of crap I wrote down in my paper today. The day's exam started wonderfully. I found out that the topics that were not supposed to be there, miraculously ended up in the question paper. I looked here and there at every other student's face. They didn't look shocked. So maybe it was only me who did not know.

Anyway, that exam ended and the next exam was about to start. Just before landing up in the exam hall, I was informed about the protocols which I did not study. I ended up leaving three questions, just like that. I was scribbling down on the paper in the hope of atleast getting a pass mark. I wrote and wrote. Even I did not know what I was writing. And everyone else must have thought I have wrote everything. Dear diary, only I know.. and you too.

Friday, June 17, 2005

NRI problems

Hello again !

Considering this is my second post, I thought I will come directly to the matter that affects me the most. Being an NRI. I know being an NRI shouldnt affect me at all. But it does. Right from childhood, I have seen presents being given to my cousins and not me. Why ? Because I can probably afford it. And they cannot ? Of course, they can. No one at home seems to understand that even I yearn for such love and care. The love and care which others can give me apart my parents. I mean, parents love is important. But hey ! They love you even if you are good or bad.

Now am 20, and such things do not affect me anymore with that much intensity. Though it returns with a bang sometimes. If I get the love I deserve, only then I would be able to return it.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Hello !

The idea to create a blog has been running around in my mind for weeks. I did create a blog initially. I just dont remember the password. Anyway, I liked the process of undergoing the registration part ( choosing templates, the URL and the works) so much, I decided to register again even though I ended up using the same rosy template again.

Ok, the purpose of this blog is mainly to serve as an online diary. To express my thoughts, my frustration which I think I will never be able to express to anyone being the quiet and introverted person that I am.

Online expression of views is more reliable (at least for me). At least , they wont reach the prying eyes of my mom. She used to spy on my sister's diary. So I thought it would be best if I kept an online one.